Our History

The practice owes its origins to Tommy & Frank Hamilton who founded one of the first accountancy practices in the West of Ireland.  Their ethos of commitment to Customer Service continues today.

We have a number of clients that all come from diverse and different backgrounds.  Since the foundation of the Company, it has always been our goal and first priority to offer each of our clients a service that is not only accessible, legitimate, practical but able to go beyond the typical limits of accounting, auditing and taxation as well.

Company Profile

We are proud to be able to offer a relatable, friendly and personal service while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.  At any time, any one of our staff members is on hand to aid and assist you with any of your queries or problems and offer you support with them.  Our key values can e found in our five principles that are the core of our business:-

  • You will always have direct, personal contact with someone that will understand your affairs and is always able to maintain the highest level confidentiality.
  • At any time you can talk about your affairs in detail and know that we will be able to answer your questions adequately.
  • If needed, we are able to visit you personally when at all possible.
  • Your work will always be done and overseen by a professional staff member with years of experience
  • Your work will always be delivered punctually and efficiently.

Fee Structure

We typically tend to work with fixed fees. These fees will be decided on when you choose to appoint us. Should you require any additional services at any time, they will be charged at the appropriate time on terms that are agreed upon by both parties.

  • We can help you draw up a comprehensive personal financial plan.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you manage your personal finances more effectively.